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About Us:

Wendy is a winner for the 2019 Nominate Your Neighbour competition. Wendy was nominated by her neighbour Jana.

Single mother Wendy is known for her ongoing support of her neighbours, feeding pets, offering a meal or a cup of tea and a chat, and generally helping everybody out. Behind the scenes, Wendy has been struggling with major financial concerns and an ongoing medical condition. Her neighbours want her to feel some of the support that she gives to those around her.

“The most admirable part of Wendy is she doesn't let it show. She lives within her means and is incredibly resourceful and selfless. Wendy can't go shopping, so she and the kids make gifts and fix household items. She re-gifts, up-cycles and does anything she can to make her and her children's lives completely self-sustainable the best she can. I just wish she could have more, to put her mind at ease. If this competition means she and the kids can celebrate and enjoy this difficult and yet special time of year, she most definitely deserves it!”- Jana. 


Wendy is one of four Nominate Your Neighbour competition winners. Wendy and her neighbours will share in a little extra festive season joy, with her home being decorated in xmas lights thanks to the Synergy Elves and Wendy will also receive six months of electricity for free.

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