57 Cygnus St, Rockingham WA 6168, Australia

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Katy is a winner for the 2019 Nominate Your Neighbour competition. Katy was nominated by her friend Deirdre 

This year has been a tough one for Katy and her young family. She’s known for her generosity and Christmas spirit, but this year had plans to downsize her efforts to keep the costs down.

“Katy is someone who works hardest for others especially in their times of need. When friends and neighbours are unwell she cooks them a meal, bakes them a cake and hand-delivers it in a wicker basket filled with tissues and cold remedies.”

“Earlier this year, Katy noticed a lady struggling with a single pram for a family of young children every morning on their way to school... She bought a double pram on gumtree and stopped the struggling mum and offered it to her saying ‘I have a pram I'm not using anymore would you like it?’ and handed it over to an extremely grateful woman. She gives of herself like no-one I know.” Deirdre


Katy is one of four Nominate Your Neighbour competition winners. Katy and her neighbours will share in a little extra festive season joy, with her home being decorated in xmas lights thanks to the Synergy Elves and Katy will also receive six months of electricity for free.


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