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About Us:

Natasha is a winner for the 2019 Nominate Your Neighbour competition. Natasha was nominated by her friend Julie. 

Mother-of-three Natasha has faced some major challenges over the past few years. Her husband and 5-year-old daughter both suffer with some extremely serious health issues which has made it difficult for this young family to keep afloat financially.

Despite their challenges, Natasha and her family are known for being generous, hardworking and loving – always willing to help others around them.

“I don’t think anyone loves Christmas as much as Natasha. We could just call her Mrs Claus. They have had such an awful few years, six months of free electricity would be LIFE-CHANGING for them. They never ask anyone for help and often suffer silently behind closed doors. The cherry on the top would definitely be the Christmas lights on their house – she always puts her kids first and would do anything to see them happy!”  - Julie


Natasha is one of four Nominate Your Neighbour competition winners. Natasha and her neighbours will share in a little extra festive season joy, with her home being decorated in xmas lights thanks to the Synergy Elves and Natasha will also receive six months of electricity for free.


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