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Edward and Lorraine are winners for the 2019 Nominate Your Neighbour competition. They were nominated by their neighbour Megan. 

Edward and Lorraine Ellement are pensioners who have been doing it tough. Their neighbours thought they deserved a Christmas surprise as a thank you for all the years they shared the joy of Christmas with the WA community through their lights.

“When they were younger, they did up their house with Christmas lights, bringing joy and happiness to the entire neighbourhood. When people went to see the display, we were all met with a smile and happiness – this house was known as the Christmas house. As the years went by, they got older, stopped working and the cost of running the lights and putting up the display became too much for them. This could be a way for us to give back to these amazing people who kept the Christmas spirit alive for so many of us for so many years.”- Megan


Edward and Lorraine are one of four Nominate Your Neighbour competition winners. Their family and neighbours will share in a little extra festive season joy, with their home being decorated in xmas lights thanks to the Synergy Elves and Edward and Lorraine will also receive six months of electricity for free.

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