22 Newbury Way Alkimos WA 6038


About Us:

We are Lisa and Steve. We work extremely hard all year round in our day jobs but have an extreme passion for Christmas Lights so find the time to get them up by the end of November every year. Life is so precious!!! Love your child like there is no tomorrow!! A couple of years ago a beautiful lady and her gorgeous daughter visited us for our Christmas Light Display. She asked if she could do anything to help for our PMH fundraiser a few days later. After discussions she agreed to donate cans of soft drink for the sausage sizzle. She then asked, Can I ask why you are doing this? Is there a particular reason? I explained that both myself and my brother were PMH children years ago. However for the last 11 years I was undergoing IVF (although my husband had two children in their late teens) on and off and it had just opened my eyes up to the needs of many children. She proceeded to lift up her daughter's beanie which showed the daughter had no hair. My daughter is currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. I didn't know what to say. The only thing I could do in the hope to make her smile was to show her what we had been making. Would you like to see the sleigh we have been building? Without hesitation she said she would love to. The garage door opened and she showed her daughter the sleigh. Look at that darling, isn't it beautiful?The daughter was hard at hearing because of all the treatments and operations she had undergone so the mother had to repeat. Look darling, isn't the sleigh beautiful? The daughter had a smile from ear to ear. The mother started to cry. I approached her and asked if I could give her a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this all means to us, it is a wonderful thing you are doing. I burst into tears myself. My heart was breaking for this beautiful woman and her gorgeous daughter. (FYI this gorgeous girl was also an IVF baby) We continued to chat and it was decided that they would probably come back and visit us and our Christmas Light Display daily as it made her daughter so happy. They came nearly every night until our decorations finally came down. So, whilst we started decorating for our own Christmas Spirit we felt so overwhelmed by the joy we brought to this little girl and her mother. Weekends we will have special appearances from different characters such as Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Minions and various superheroes. Oh and Santa also. He will be available for photos with the kids for a donation. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR FUNDRAISING AND VOTE FOR US SO THAT WE CAN CONTINUE TO SUPPORT BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN AND FAMILIES SUCH AS OUR KIND HEARTED NEIGHBOUR AND HER GORGEOUS, BRAVE DAUGHTER. Lights on daily from 7.00pm @ 22 Newbury way, Alkimos

We're famous for:

We have a life size handmade sleigh, giant handmade neon candy canes, child size handmade gingerbread house, window displays which include a beautiful handmade authentic looking fireplace in one window and a miniature village in the other. Our house is the ultimate WINTER WONDERLAND being the closest thing to the real North Pole that Perth has ever seen (indoors and outdoors).

Why we do this:

For Christmas For the joy For the kids For charity For the community

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Best House North of the River - Winner 2019

Light trail decorator since 2017

Over 500 Lights

Some of them Solar Powered

120 hours to set up

Music synced with lights

Lights come on

1st December

Lights on:

19:00 - 22:30

Competition categories

  • People's Choice
  • Junior Judges
  • Best house north of the river

We're supporting

Because we know so many children that need the tender care and medical expertise of PMH/PCH

Thank you for your enquiry. For most types of enquiries we will endeavour to respond within 1-5 business days.

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