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About Us:

Alan and Mary met 16 years ago and are now both retired. With no children but two gorgeous dogs they have time on their hands to bring joy to the community through showing Mary's passion for Christmas. Mary is originally from the USA which might help explain why they decorate in such a BIG way. Christmas is the most special time of the year and we believe it is the ideal time to give and to share. It gives us so much pleasure bringing smiles to all faces from young to old. The laughter and feedback we get from our visitors more than compensates for the time and effort put into the display.

We're famous for:

Here at The Christmas House, we are open to the public every day from 2nd December through to 8th January from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. We have decorations from all around the world! Upon arrival you will be greeted by Santa's elves. Everywhere you look is a different theme, from the classic Nativity Scene to the Christmas Kennel to the Fairy Room. There are over 400 trees ranging in sizes with different themes including the Mandurah Estuary tree, the Barbie tree, the Footy trees, the upside down candy cane tree, the golfing tree and so many more. Santa's workshop, snowing trees, the Christmas carousel and Santa's express train are just a few examples of the experiences to be had. This year among the many new additions is Santa's living room. We are called the Christmas House because the whole house is decorated inside and out - even the bathrooms! There are little nibbles available to snack on and entertainment to watch while you explore our Christmas wonderland.

Why we do this:

For the joy For the kids For charity For the community

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People's choice award winner 2018, 2017
People's Choice award winner 2019

Light trail decorator since 2017

Over 500 Lights

Some of them Solar Powered

800 hours to set up

Music synced with lights

Lights come on

2nd December

Lights on:

19:00 - 21:30

Competition categories

  • People's Choice
  • Junior Judges
  • Best house south of the river

We're supporting

We are supporting K9 Rescue Group in Mandurah because our two dogs, Peri and Roxy, are both second hand and we believe that without this organisation dogs wouldn't find their forever home.

Thank you for your enquiry. For most types of enquiries we will endeavour to respond within 1-5 business days.

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