38 Heritage Park Drive Baldivis WA 6171

About Us:

Been doing lights for many years. We do it to bring joy and happiness to the neighbourhood.

We're famous for:

We try to capture people's imagination with our lights that dance to music.

Why we do this:

We do it to bring joy and happiness to the neighbourhood.

For Christmas For the joy For the kids For the community

Find us here Get Directions

Scott family xmas lights

Over 500 Lights

None of them Solar Powered

100 hours to set up

Lights come on


Lights on:

19:40 - 22:40

Competition categories

  • People's Choice
  • Junior Judges

We're supporting

Synergy is supporting Lifeline WA this Christmas and you can too.

Every $25 donation helps answer a call of someone in crisis this Christmas.

Thank you for your enquiry. For most types of enquiries we will endeavour to respond within 1-5 business days.

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