Scarborough Sunset Markets

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Perth's most iconic markets return to Scarborough Beach for another sizzling summer!

Known for its gorgeous views, glorious beach and buzzing vibes, Scarborough is the perfect place to perch up on a warm Thursday night with mates, yummy eats and a thirst quenching bev in hand, listening to live music, watching the captivating sunset and embracing all that makes Scarborough truly special.

This season is looking to be bigger and better than ever, with an abundance of new and exciting surprises popping up every week!

With over 100 foodies and retailers coming together to showcase their mouth-watering cuisines, hand crafted artisanal delights, homemade doggy treats and so much more, you can be guaranteed that each Thursday night will be epic.

Date & time:

Start date: 9th December 2021

Start time: 5:00 pm

End date: 9th December 2021

End time: 9:00 pm

More info:

Event & site all Wheelchair accessible

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Scarborough Sunset Markets


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