136 Hornibrook Rd Dalyellup WA 6230

About Us:

I just love Christmas !!! I'm a person who loves to always do my best! I work as Senior Broker Assistant for a local Insurance Broker. I love to keep active playing basketball and go to the gym! I also love fishing when I'm not putting up Christmas Lights !!! I love Lights ! It started when I was young. I saw a set of lights up and it got me! I call it the Lights Bug !! So for 15 years now I've been decorating my home and it just gets bigger and bigger. Well actually now I've got too much for what can I design!!! I love to see all the kids faces that visit and adults too!! I love bringing the Christmas Spirit alive and sharing it with the local community. I also raise money for Perth Children's Hospital !!

We're famous for:

My garage is a full Christmas Display with a Sleigh, Santa's Chair, train animated village and a teddy bear display. I have every roof tile covered in a light and every brick !!! It's looks amazing.

Why we do this:

For Christmas For the joy For the kids For charity

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Light trail decorator since 2017

Over 500 Lights

None of them Solar Powered

100 hours to set up

Lights come on

1st December

Lights on:

19:30 - 22:30

Competition categories

  • People's Choice
  • Junior Judges

We're supporting

I have supported this charity for years.

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