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About Us:

My name is Chad, I am 26 years old and have been doing Christmas lights on our family home and now my own since I was 17. Having a very big family to celebrate Christmas big, what else could you possibly want more than Christmas lights decorating your home. Although when I started at 17 my display was nothing big nor was tidy but I never would have imagined it getting to what it is now.

I work 12 hr days and 6 days a week so putting the lights up can be difficult at times. The majority gets done at night time after 7pm and my Sundays from September are dedicated to it. I could not do this without all the support from my mum, my brothers, and especially my wife, Maria, as they both do a lot behind the scenes.

Throughout the year we continue to create new ideas, and make new things to display on our home for the Festive season. Christmas lights Displays take a lot of time and effort and i take my hat off to anyone who decides to put lights up. Even if it's just one string of lights, it all makes a massive difference to the community and to celebrate the Christmas month.


We're famous for:

I will not say our lights are different to the rest and certainly will not say they are the biggest, but we have 70000 lights surrounding the property. Our main features around the display include a 5.5m Giant Christmas tree, Santa's very own reindeer stable, Giant candy canes that welcome you in, and a winter wonderland area with The Disney Frozen Castle for photos. Walk down the red carpet to our giant sleigh, in which the whole family can sit in for more photos. We also have Santa's Ferris wheel, Santa's carousel, penguins, reindeers, a north pole, our own little Aussie Christmas with crocodiles, lizards and snakes, kangaroos, koalas and emus. Write your name on a bauble for a GOLD COIN Donation and add it to our visitors tree to see it each year round. Our new addition is Santa's very own lounge room where you will find him sleeping on the couch surrounded by angels, Christmas tree, trains, and we can't forget, Santa's dog. Santa's Christmas village window scene has also been updated with many more houses, and carnival rides to watch. These are just some of the main features around the property to go with the other many 1000s & 1000s of led lights everywhere.

We also have raffles for $2 a ticket or 3 for $5 .

Dec 21st - CHARACTER FUN NIGHT - See Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Stitches the bear, Paw Patrol, and the main man himself: SANTA .

We will have many more things to enjoy so we Hope to see you there. 

Why we do this:

For Christmas For the kids For charity For the community

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Third Place Winner - People's Choice Award 2018
People's Choice Award - 2nd Place Winner 2019

Light trail decorator since 2017

Over 500 Lights

Solar Powered

200 hours to set up

Lights come on

3rd December

Lights on:

19:30 - 9:30 on weekdays; 19:00 - 10:30 on weekends

Competition categories

  • People's Choice
  • Junior Judges
  • Best house north of the river

We're supporting

Doing our bit for the community

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