Quick tips to take epic photos of your lights

Christmas Light

When you’re creating your Synergy Xmas Lights Trail profile, your choice of photos can make a big difference. With the right photos in your profile listing, you’ll give online visitors a reason to visit your lights in person – and hopefully cast a vote in your direction!

Here are some quick tips to help you take the best possible photo of your lights display.

Start snapping earlier than you think

Don’t wait until it’s dark to start taking your photos. Switch on your lights and start taking photos at twilight to use the natural light available. Photographers recommend taking photos between sunset and about half an hour after sunset, as twilight can help some of the details of your lights display and decorations stand out more.

Consider a special app

The good news is that you don’t need a fancy camera to take great photos of your display – most smartphones will do a great job. You could explore some different apps, such as a long exposure app, to help make the most of your phone’s features for night-time photography. Long exposure means that your phone will let more light in, which is a great way to capture more of the magic of your lights.

Ready, steady…

Night-time photos can be blurry, so use a tripod or something sturdy and secure to keep your smartphone still. This could be as simple as holding your phone against the top of a wall or letterbox as you snap a photo to avoid any movement from your hands.

Take a range of photos

Experiment with your flash on and off to see which works best. Turning your flash off will often work well with outdoor lights but it can depend on how far away you stand from what you’re snapping. Take photos from a range of angles, distances and different times to see which ones you like best.

Use filters

Play around with different filters on your phone to see if your photos look better with different light, contrast and colour settings. Just remember to keep the colours and overall look as true to life as possible so you’re showing visitors what they’ll actually see if they visit.


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