10 Tips to help you decorate your home

Christmas Light
  1. Start with a plan

    Christmas may feel like it’s a while away, but the best time to start planning is right now! You’ll need everything to have everything ready to switch on for the big launch on the 27th of Nov. Even Santa works off a list – so remember to write down everything you’ll need and when you’ll need it done.


  2. Remember, safety first
  3. You don’t want to overload your switchboard, put up lights near anything flammable or have a dangerous mess of cords and wires around – so it’s vital to make sure your decorations will be safe to install, use and enjoy! Make sure you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions – e.g. only use outdoor lights outside.


  4. Look at energy efficient options

    Try to use at least some solar lights as part of your display to keep your consumption down. Other energy efficient options include using light sensors, timers and choosing high-efficiency and great quality decorations that you can use for years to come.


  5. Untangle and test your lights

    This can be stressful if you leave it until the last minute – but it’s a fun part of the process if you start getting organised now. Even if you’re not actually installing the lights for a while yet, untangle and test them out so you can get replacements or repairs organised before the Christmas rush begins.


  7. Get help – and have fun!

    Your friends, family and neighbours might be more than happy to help out with your decoration plans – so get them involved early. Chances are, they could even have decorations, props, lights or tools and equipment you can borrow to use over the competition period.


  8. Be prepared for all conditions

    Ok, so you don’t need to worry about a white Christmas here in WA, but we sometimes get some unusual weather patterns in late spring and summer. When you’re planning your decorations, think about all the weather conditions your decorations will near to bear through the day and night. Those cute Santa candles might look more like Halloween decorations after a day in the sun – and that fluffy fake snow might not last through an unexpected shower of rain. We’re also in a windy part of the world, so make sure things are anchored down or secured to your house so they don’t blow away when the sea breeze arrives.


  9. Plan around your garden

    It’s important to consider everything you already have in your garden when you’re designing your decorations. If you don’t want a horde of happy visitors trampling your newly planted marigolds, make sure you have some kind of festive fencing to direct foot traffic to where you do want people to walk. Also remember to factor in your sprinklers and when they might come on!


  10. Team with a theme

    If you’re part of a whole street of decorators and friendly with your neighbours, you might each pick a colour theme for your decorations to create a pattern or a rainbow effect. If you’re a solo decorator, you could choose your own theme to base your decorations on – a colour, an element of Christmas such as Santa’s workshop, a summery Winter Wonderland, something that pays homage to your favourite sports team, or anything at all!


  11. Consider all the senses

    Lights are very visual and a simple way to make an impact. There are many other elements to decorating your home that will help to create a magical experience for your visitors. Think about ways to incorporate music through your favourite Christmas songs. A safe cool-mist diffuser could spread a Christmassy scent, or a bubble machine could give visitors something tactile to enjoy.


  12. Be flexible

    After the lights get switched on, you might need to adapt some elements of your decorations. As your home attracts more visitors, you might find new elements to add – or that some elements just aren’t working. It’s all supposed to be fun, so take a flexible approach, enjoy the process and be willing to change things up if you need.


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