We’re supporting Lifeline WA this Christmas – and you can too!

Christmas Light

This year, Lifeline WA answered 64,280 calls from the community needing support for a range of life challenges. Many callers were experiencing increased anxiety relating to national and global events, some were feeling lonely or isolated, and tragically, some were contemplating taking their own life. 
For every $39 raised, a call can be answered at Lifeline WA to help someone in crisis. We want to help Lifeline WA answer more calls – and we’d like to invite you to support Lifeline WA too.

Lifeline WA’s vision is a Western Australia free of suicide – and with help from people in the community, we can help Lifeline WA work towards this goal. The Christmas period is a lonely time for many people in the community and a time when people’s levels of anxiety, depression and suicide increase. 
This is why we’re supporting the 2021 Lights for Lifeline campaign through our Synergy Xmas Lights Trail this year. 

The Lights for Lifeline campaign aims to raise money to boost Lifeline WA’s Telephone Crisis Support volunteer pool, which means there will be more accredited volunteers to help meet the growing demand for Lifeline WA services.
To become an accredited Lifeline Telephone Crisis Support volunteer takes more than 170 hours of training and costs Lifeline WA approximately $4,000.

Donations made to the Lights for Lifeline campaign this Christmas will go towards recruiting and training Lifeline WA’s latest team of Telephone Crisis Support Volunteers, who will support the Western Australian community with whatever the future may bring.

How you can help

Here are a few ways you could help to support the Lights for Lifeline campaign this year:

  1. Celebrate community heroes

    We love acts of kindness and want to recognise those who support our community, just like Lifeline WA does.  If someone you know has done something amazing this year, shine a light in their life this Christmas by nominating them in Synergy’s Nominate your Neighbour competition and recognise Lifeline WA’s community heroes by making a donation to Lifeline WA. 


  2. Raise money through your house decorations

    If you’re decorating your home this year, join our Synergy Xmas Lights Trail. If you’d like to support Lifeline WA, you can choose to raise money for Lifeline WA through your profile page and collect donations from visitors who come to enjoy your lights. If you would like to decorate your home and fundraise for Lifeline WA, please email Karen McGlynn karenmcglynn@lifelinewa.org.au for more details. 

  3. Explore the Lifeline WA website

    Visit Lifeline WA online and you’ll find more information about what they do – and how you can support their campaign this Christmas.

Every bit counts – and together we can help Lifeline WA continue to support tens of thousands of people right here in WA.

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