How to make your profile stand out

Christmas Light

If you’re decorating your home this year, your Synergy Xmas Lights Trail decorator profile is a good way for people to find your house and plan their visit. If you are participating in the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail Decorator Competition,*,  you want to get as many votes as possible, so it’s worth putting a bit of effort into making your profile stand out – for all the right reasons!

Feel like you’re better at stringing lights together than stringing words together? No problem.

Here are our top tips to help you create a fantastic decorator profile.
1. Name your home
You don’t have to give your profile a name but it’s can be a great way to help people remember your house – and vote for it! You could name it after your surname, your street or suburb or combine them somehow with a Christmas theme. Think:

  • Santa’s Little Hulletts; 
  • Whiteman Wonderland; or 
  • Rudolph and the Rogersons


    Please remember: The details in your decorator profile – including your address – are available to the public to help people find and enjoy your decorating efforts. Try to keep it general and don’t disclose too many personal details.
    2. Share your inspiration
    Your decorator profile needs to include a short description. This is a great opportunity to share with others what you love most about Christmas and why you light up your home. You might like to share:

  • What inspired your decorations;
  • What motivates you to decorate your home; and 
  • Any special features visitors should look for 


    Sharing your story helps to build excitement and interest and draw visitors to come and appreciate your hard work – and hopefully cast their vote your way!
    3. Take a great photo!
    Your photos are a great way to show off your lights and decorations. You can add a short video too if you like. Get more tips here on how to take a great photo of your lights display. Get more tips on how to take a great photo of your lights display here.

    4. Think about what you would like your visitors to know
    If you plan to switch your Christmas lights on at a specific time each day, or are only lighting up your house on certain days, make sure these details are included in your decorator profile. This will help your visitors to plan ahead and make the most of the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail.
    5. Choose a charity
    You can choose a registered charity or not-for-profit to support in your profile – or join us in supporting Ruah Community Services. Your profile can include reasons why you’ve chosen ay particular charity or not-for-profit to encourage people to donate.

    Once your registration is approved, we will send you a Synergy Xmas Lights Trail sign for your front yard, which will show visitors that you are part of the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail and encourage votes for your display when they visit.
    Ready to get started? 
    The sooner you create your decorator profile, the sooner people can start voting for you once voting opens! Log in or register for a decorator account and start your profile now. 
    Keep in mind that it could take up to three days before your decorator profile is approved and is made live. You can submit a change to your profile at any time but the changes may take up to three days after they are submitted to be approved and appear online. 

    Hosting a community event? Share it through the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail~ 
    If you’re hosting a community event, we’d also love to know about it and help promote it! Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s free to list your community event in the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail.~
  • All listings are subject to Synergy's approval.
  • To be listed, your event needs to be related to the festive season and must be free of charge for people to attend.
    Your event will appear and be searchable  on the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail map, so people looking for Christmas lights or community events in your area will be able to learn about your event.

    You can share your Christmas events with the WA community by listing them on the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail,~ here’s how:
  • Create and submit a profile with the relevant details of your festive event on the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail website.
  • Once approved, your event will appear on the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail map with an icon to indicate a special event.
  • Your event will also be searchable in the search bar. 

    Visit to list and share your festive event.

    *2022 Xmas Light Trail – Decorators Competition terms and conditions apply. 
    ~2022 Synergy Xmas Light Trail – Community Group Christmas Event Listing terms and conditions apply

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