How to make the most of your Christmas lights experience

Christmas Light

It’s that time of the year when the magic of Christmas arrives across our WA towns, cities and suburbs!

Whether you’re visiting Christmas lights for the first time or you’re an experienced lights visitor, here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience.

Use our new website to plan your Xmas Lights Trail

Our new Xmas Lights Trail website is the first of its kind in WA. Here’s how it works:

  • First, you can explore all the different decorator profiles and see the inspiration and stories behind them.
  • You can then create a shortlist of houses you want to visit.
  • We’ll plot this on a Google map and give you the best route to follow

Start planning your Xmas Lights Trail right now.

Keep it safe

If you’re visiting lights with kids, plan ahead and help your kids understand what to expect. It’s probably ok to touch the bubbles that might be coming out of a bubble machine in someone’s front yard, but fibreglass Frosty is not for climbing on.

Some other things to think about:

  • Some areas, especially where a lot of neighbouring houses are all decorated, can get pretty busy. You might want to remind your kids about safety (including road safety) and designate a meeting spot or plan if anybody gets lost.
  • If you’re taking elderly family members with you - watch out for cords or uneven surfaces that might be trip hazards in dimly lit areas.
  • When you’re on the road, drive safely and approach decorated houses slowly if it’s safe to do this. There might be kids around or the driver in front of you might decide at the last second to stop for a quick look!

Tis the season to be jolly – and keeping safe will help everybody stay happy!

Take some coins

Across our Xmas Lights Trail, we’re supporting Lifeline WA. You can donate through our website and enter our competition to win some fantastic prizes. Some Xmas Lights Trail houses are supporting other charities and will welcome donations on the night, so carry some small change if you’d like to show your support.

Keep up your Christmas spirits

Along the way you might come across unexpected (and unwanted) things like last-minute toilet trips, hangry kids, traffic or parking issues. Take a deep breath and try to remember that while it might not be easy at times, it’s all worth it to enjoy the magic of Christmas!

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