Every vote counts: here’s how it works!

Christmas Light

How to enter a prize category

If you’re a decorator, your home will automatically be entered into the People’s Choice award and the relevant North or South of the river category when you complete your online profile. 
If you have listed your display as having solar lights within it, you will also be a contender for the Best Solar Lights Display category.
If you are located outside of the Perth metro area as defined by the Regional Development Commissions Act 1993 (WA) you will automatically be entered into the Best Regional lights Display. 


How to vote

Voting is a way to celebrate the hard work of others – and our decorators really appreciate it!
You can vote from the house listing page or by visiting the decorator’s profile page and choose the ‘vote’ button.
If you’ve visited some lights and would like to vote, you need to register to vote on this Synergy Xmas Lights Trail website. If you have registered to be notified on the website before 1 December, you’ll just need to log in and vote. If you didn’t register before 1 December, when you go to vote for the first time you will be prompted to register.
We’ll need to verify your email address the first time you vote, so that your vote can be counted. Please note, if you vote for multiple houses before you verify your email address, you’ll receive verifications emails each time you vote, and will have to verify all emails before your votes will count.
The competition closes 11.59pm Sunday 13 December 2020.  Some categories close earlier so check the terms and conditions and remember to vote as early as you can


How the winners are chosen

Here’s how the winners are chosen for each category:
People’s Choice – The top 3 houses which receive the most votes from the public on our Synergy Xmas Lights Trail website will be deemed the winners.
Best Solar Light Display – We’ll create a shortlist of five houses as finalists, based on the highest number of votes received in the category of Best Solar Light Display as at Sunday 13 December. We will then do a Synergy audit to check the house with the most votes in this category has a display featuring 100% solar powered lights. If not all lights are solar powered, the house will be deemed ineligible and an audit of the house with the second highest number of votes will be conducted, and so on until a winner is determined.
Best Regional Lights Display – The top house outside the Perth metro area which receives the most online votes will be deemed the winner.
Best House South of the River – The top house located South of the River which receives the most online votes will be deemed the winner.
Best House North of the River – The top house located North of the River which receives the most online votes will be deemed the winner.



All winners will be announced on Thursday 17 December 2020.

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