5 reasons to register your Christmas lights (especially if your display isn’t supersized)

Christmas Light

The Synergy Xmas Lights Trail is the home of Christmas lights in WA. We feature some of WA’s biggest and best lights displays – but you don’t need to have the biggest and best lights to be part of the fun.

If people are likely to slow down as they drive past your house to check out your lights, it’s worth listing your house on the Synergy Xmas Lights Trail.* Here’s why!

*Terms and conditions apply. 


Reason #1.    Share the joy

Decorating your home can take a lot of effort. By registering your house, you can help to bring joy to lots of people by helping them find your lights. Once your registration has been approved, you can share your decorator profile through your social media accounts to get your family, friends and followers on board to visit or tell other people about your lights too.

Reason #2.    You can keep it simple

Simple displays can still have a big impact - especially on little people! Christmas is a magical time for kids – and many of our decorators create their displays each year just for the joy they bring to people’s faces.

Reason #3.    Support your favourite cause

You can also choose to support your favourite not-for-profit or registered charity through your decorator profile, or raise money for a cause by making your own arrangements with the fundraising team behind your favourite cause. Just make sure you comply with all the relevant legislation and regulations surrounding fundraising. In short, the more people who can find and visit your lights, the greater your ability to raise money for your nominated group or cause.

Reason #4.    Spread Christmas cheer across the world

If you have family and friends overseas or in other parts of Australia, your online profile will be a great way to show your lights to them. Even if they can’t visit, chances are they’d love to see what you’ve been up to!

Reason #5.    You could win prizes *

Even if you feel that your efforts aren’t rivalling New York’s Rockefeller Plaza, there’s still a chance you could win a share in some great prizes. For example, there’s a prize for the best solar lights display!

It’s easier than you think to register your home and join our Synergy Xmas Lights Trail. Check out our tips for taking great photos of your lights – and how to create a profile that has an impact.

* Terms and conditions apply

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